Monday, May 12, 2008

The secret to success....
In the past few months my decision to focus on my athletic & wellness career has been far more successful than I ever could have imagined. My lifting is improving and I am off to World Masters soon, I have some great clients, incredible business opportunities in the next 3-6 months, I have been asked to do some writing and will be published on a US based web magazine shortly amongst some other Australian publications....there is so much happening for me that I can barely remember it all.
It seems that everything I attempt is coming to fruition and then some. I am so blessed right now! I was thinking why that is, and I am pretty sure the reason is that I am surrounded by a group of incredibly supportive talented people. People who also want to excel and have no end of energy to offer in a selfless way. All this positive power is infectious!
I wish you all happiness, balance and success.
Stay strong


Kristy said...

Lisa, I love all your photos you look so wonderfully athletic.

I am not sure whether you have mentioned on your blog where you can from, but did you come from a fit athletic background or family or have you found your own way through. I am so inspired reading your posts and how fit and energetic you are. You are doing so well and seem to have it down so well.

I just wonder how you do it...How do you eat so well or the time and how do you keep motivated for all your training. It is amazing. I need so much help with my food, but not sure what or how I do it...

Sorry for the extremly long post, I just love reading about how well you are doing in all areas of your life :D

Lisa said...


Never apologise1!. If you go to my website my story is on there. I was into sports a kid, but let myself go in my 20's, I transformed(still transforming myself) in my early 30's. I have forged my own path and am still shocked at who I am turning ot to be.

Antigone said...

Lisa your such a giving person its no wonder your getting all you want, whats that saying? that one about what you put out comes back to you? giving out positive energy bring positive energy back to you :)

Something like hehe

I love your pics you look glowing with life :)


LizN said...

And we all collectively wish you happiness, balance and success as well :)

Big hugs
Liz N

Anonymous said...

your trainer is gorgeous Lisa!! woot woo

Lisa said...

I hadn't noticed Fern!!!

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