Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Back Squat technique

I have made quite a few technique videos for my on-line clients, and felt you bloggers may be interested in seeing "my moves"



LizN said...

Nice technique Lisa - love to see that :) Excellent range of motion through ankles as well :)


Irene said...

Hi Lisa, thanks for stopping by, you are quite an athlete, very inspiring for us women who are trying to create a fit & healthy lifestyle. Have a great night :)
Irene x

Shiniami said...

That's great to see, hope you post more.

have a great weekend.

Ali xxx

Lisa said...

I will post up soem more files as I have recently done a heap of them.


Splice said...

Thanks for posting the back squat video.
Looking at it from side on it looks like you have placed your feet further then shoulder width, is that right?

Michelle said...

Great video. I trained online with Liz and getting correct technique is the hardest part. Its a great idea to have videos for your clients. Can't wait to see more.



Lisa said...

Yes Deb, foot placement is wider than shoulder width. If you look at the pic in the post below you will see the front on position.

Michelle, i have heaps of these so just tell me what you would like to see.


Splice said...

I find that I don't have my foot placement quite that far apart, more so shoulder width apart.
I will try to widen it a little more to see how it feels, it will target my glutes a little more.

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