Friday, June 13, 2008

Being better than your best
I have just been hanging out on Lindy's forum and came across a post Lindy did on living your values. Here it is and my thoughts after it.
The best intentions matter little if your daily life doesn't reflect those values. How can you make sure that your thoughts and actions match? Good or bad, your values are shaped by your actions just as much as they do the shaping. Actions that are true to your values build a stronger personal foundation that others can see. Why are the memories of our greatest personal and public heroes so powerful and timeless, long after they're gone? They stood for something. They were living, breathing examples of the values they prized. It takes courage, a belief in yourself and strong determination. But it can be done. Do one thing today that shows the world what you believe. Do one thing that you know is right. Do one thing that would make your hero smile.

I have read this, and printed it out to put on my wall of fame next to a very large and inspiring picture of my hero - Krista!
I am very lucky in that I have personal contact with my hero, and I know what I have to do reflect that in myself. Often I will be at training feeling tired/fatigued/weak and I will close my eyes and pretend I am her. I get under the bar, step out like her, squat like her- almost like I am channelling her.
Heroes have paved the way for us - use this to fast track your own success.My dream is to bring a new approach to nutrition, supplementation and strength training for women to Aust. I know that I need to be that strong, lean, powerful, feminine force to inspire my clients and those around me - this and my picture of Krista push me to be better everyday.

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