Saturday, June 21, 2008

I am in love with..........Sencha Green Tea Mints.
Exotic loose leaf mints - imbibed with an intoxicating blend or organic greent tea known to help inhibit the root causes of bad breath.Naturally Inhibits Bacteria - Scientific evidence supports the claim that green tea inhibits bacteria— the primary cause of bad breath. Unlike other mints which merely mask odour in the mouth, Sencha Green Tea Mints work at the source.
Sugar-Free - Sweetened with natural sweeteners that do not promote oral bacteria and tooth decay.
Fair Trade Certified - Our organic green tea is Fair Trade Certified by Transfair USA— ensuring both a fair price to farmers and workers, along with providing superior quality tea.
Available in 3 delightful flavours!
I found them at my local organic food store!

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Splice said...

I forgot to get some of these before I left on sunday! They sound great and I will be able to stop sucking on the artificial drops!

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