Sunday, June 01, 2008

I am still smiling!
Well the past month has been an absolute roller coaster ride, and I am happy to say that I have come out the other end smiling! Fortunatley I got over my funky mood from last week, so thanks to everyone for the thoughtful e-mails.
I have been outrageously busy with my PN and training work, and organising my new business. When Rod and I go to the US for World's we are also getting our Biosignature and Poliquin strength training certs at the same time, so heaps to study and organise for that. Krista is back in 8 weeks so we are offering more services for her visit. Next month I am doing my Powerlifitng level 1 coaching certs and in August I do my weightlifitng level 1 certs, and somewhere in all this I need to prep for Nationals as they are less than 8 weeks away. I haven't really trained for 2 weeks so I think there will be pain tomorrow....
Rod and I are joining our businesses together, so soon we will launch Bodyworx as a joint business specialising in PN, Biosignature, Strength & Conditioning and Chinese Medicine.
On another note Mototo, my sponsor, has recently signed a major distribution deal in both Korea and Japan; excellent news for this fabulous Aussie company!
Have a great week everyone!


Antigone said...

You are truely living upto your wonder women title hun :)
Good luck :)

Lisa said...

Thanks Em,

I am really going to need all my super powers to pull this off.


Raechelle said...

You go you'd come out of that...Being in a funky mood once in a while is not the end of the world, as you have proven-it's just part of being human-even if you are super-human-LOL!

Lisa said...

It is good to be back though!!

Doris's New Beginning! said...

Wonder Women, Wonder Women (singing the tune to the TV Show)


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