Monday, June 16, 2008

photo by Dallas Olsen
New PB on the bench press!!
Finally, after wandering in the wilderness I am having a break through on the bench press. The last 2 comps I have pressed 70kgs and failed 72.5kgs. Yesterday in training I did it! It was a smooth lift. We then went for 75kgs, and I was just off line - next week it will be mine.
This current program with Krista, my upper body is getting bigger, my lower body is getting smaller I am leaner and have more muscle mass than ever before.
Nationals are 5 week and 4 days away - BRING IT ON!!!!!


Combat Girl said...

Great work Lisa.

That is awesome!!! It may be time for some current pics of you???


LizN said...

You little ripper.. Awesome job Lisa ;)

Lisa said...

Current pics....I shall see, however I may not fit on the page I am so huge lol

Thanks Liz:-)

Antigone said...

Congratulations Lisa fantastic job well done :)

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