Wednesday, June 18, 2008

What do the scales tell us?
Both of these photos are taken at around 59kgs. So tell me what is so important about those bloody scales? The photo on left was taken in March this yeat 12% bf, the one on the right was taken in Aug 2001 at 30% bf.
Don't measure your body composition progress on the scales - these photos prove that they have NO VALUE on their own.
PS - My BMI based on weight and height is the same in both pics - so you can see the value in that measurement too!


Anonymous said...

I applaud you my friend!!!

Finally someone who can show us the difference between fat and muscle (not that you were fat in the old one but you know what i mean!!).


Anonymous said...

I don't own scales for this very reason Lisa, they are NO indication of what you LOOK like!

Doris's New Beginning! said...

Hey Lisa

I hate my scales - they lie to me. but I do like the difference - more muscle and more athletic looking. A good look for a champion. One day i will look like a champion too.


RaeC said...

AMEN SISTA!! I prefer to go by the fat callipers wielded by my Coach on a regular basis and the tape measure. I find the scales only come in handy in the off season to check "weight creep". I actually hold my breath when I get on them and it's not in the hope I have lost weight, but in the hope that I've either gained or maintained my weight... LOL!! Great post xxx

Splice said...

I hear you Lisa :-)

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