Monday, September 22, 2008

First stop Arizona.
I am leaving for the airport in one hour and the first stop in our trip is for our Poliquin Biosignature Certifications in Scottsdale Arizona. According to the weather channel we can expect hot, dry conditions with temperature range of 23-37 degrees. The seminar is at a resort with 2 swimming pools, which will be well used by me to recover from jet lag, fluid retention and general fatigue. I may even come home with a light tan - which will go some way to cover my lifting bruises and scars!
I managed to pack all my gear into 2 bags and under the weight limit - well so my scales tell me. On the subject of scales, I have seen a 500gm drop overnight - I must have been super stressed and I while I need to be vigilant I am hoping for an easy(ish) weigh in. I benched well yesterday and feel very strong, and it will be good to really push myself at the comp. As the standard is so high, and I really won't be in the medals I have decided that I will start with a comfortable attempt on each lift then I will push on the second and go for broke on the 3rd. Should be a lot of fun and great to lift in such a quality field.
I am leaving on a jet plane........


Charlotte Orr said...

Have a great trip Lisa, look forward to hearing all about it.

Shar said...

Good Luck Lisa

Anonymous said...

Best of Luck Lisee. I trust that things will go as you want!
Will be thinking of you on the 29th September and hope that your birthday brings you "good things" for your competion
Love and kisses


Splice said...

All the best Lisa, hope everything goes well.
Good luck!

Jadey said...

Go Lisa! Good Luck, bring home the medals chick!

Jadey x

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