Sunday, September 28, 2008

Some interesting facts I have learnt in the last 4 days....

  • Everyone should take 1mg of Magnesium a day as there is no more magnesium in the soil

  • Coffee improves insulin sensitivity

  • Red and white wine increase testosterone

  • Never take minerals without food - unless you specifically want them to cross the blood/brain barrier

  • Aspartame causes fluid retention

  • Insulin is the most anabolic hormone

  • The only hormone we have 100% control over is insulin

  • No one ate anything by accident

  • Whey protein on an empty stomach causes insulin to spike - just drinking protein shakes can make you fat.

  • Low Testosterone needs to be addressed by addressing sleep issues first.


ss2306 said...

Excellent news - so I'll start to increase my wine intake - you beauty!!

Hope you're enjoying your time away.

Anonymous said...

WOW I am impressed by some of these facts!!


Lisa said...

Poliquin allows 2 glasses of wine per day!

LizN said...

Now I know where I've been going wrong as a non drinker...bugger! And I don't drink coffee either!

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