Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Breath and reboot!

This morning I woke up feeling a little tired, I still have a niggling injury in my right elbow and I just didn't feel like going to the gym or even getting out for a walk. As I am training to keep fit right now my plan is to get in 3 weights sessions, 2 interval training sessions and a walk or 2 each week. I have done 1 of each and am due to hit the gym today. Maybe I will get there this afternoon but it won't happen this morning.

Even though I have no real need or commitment to do the session this morning I have this small feeling of guilt in the pit of my stomach; the stress monster stirring around saying "you said you were going to go, you're being lazy, you will put on weight..". I know all of this is not true, and I know that right now my body is telling me it needs to rest.

However I was wondering how much more damage am I doing to myself letting cortisol flood my body so early in the morning? This going to set my hormonal profile for the rest of the day, so why am I feeling guilty?

Is this how we end up living with the chronic stress that does so much damage to our health? Do we consistently go through our day being disappointed by our self imposed expectations?

So here I sit, feeling guilty and stressed and it was all my own creation! This is crazy, so I am about to take a few depth breaths, eat a yummy breakfast and enjoy having an extra hour to myself this morning. So right now I am going to borrow a line from Carrie Bradshaw.............. It is time to breath and reboot.


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