Saturday, November 29, 2008

Hard days work!!
I have just returned home from a Powerlifting competition, where my client Sue (above) had a HUGE comp and did a new total PB of 25kgs, giving her a total now of 297.5kgs. It was a great day with almost 20 lifters doing battle at the University of QLD Powerlifting club, in 34 degree heat and humidity.
Sue's last lift was an absolutely awesome 145kg deadlift - she really had to fight hard for it, and we both were very teary when those white cards went up!
Well done Sue, and we will be seeing you at Nationals next year!!


susan said...

Nationals? haha
Thanks for your post, inspiration and all of your support Lisa. I couldn't have achieved this without you!!!

Lisa said...

Your'e welcome....but at the end of the day you were the one on that platform!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Sue, 145kg deadlift is very impressive!!!!

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