Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hi, I'm Lisa’s 57 year old Aunt.

In my younger days, my life revolved around sports, training and competing up to a state level. My interest in the human body and health continued on, and I have been involved in teaching personalised exercise programs, aerobics, stress management, relaxation, personal development, and the beauty field. Many of these attitudes are still a part of my life.

My focus is on health and beauty from within which includes spiritual interests, exercise, balanced eating habits, hydrating the body and looking toward natural treatment and therapy when needing help for my body. Having a positive mental attitude has been integral in my life, as at times, as I am sure all people do, I have gone through difficult stages emotionally, financially and physically. By maintaining these values I have found that a problem is only a problem until it is solved, and this has allowed me to overcome many obstacles.

In recent years I have had to refocus, as going through menopause has caused many unique changes in my body and mind that is common only to these hormonal shifts, which I am presently addressing in a number of ways. In doing so I still enjoy a very high level of happiness, health, energy, and wellbeing. I believe having a humble attitude allows me to take advantage of any opportunity as it passes by my awareness.

One of my great inspirations in recent years has been my niece Lisa. At times when my motivation to continue on my regular daily routine has waned, I think of Lisa, her focus, and her discipline and this energises me to remember the benefits of making the effort, so I stop making excuses and I just do it.
Yours in health,



Magda said...

What a beautiful post Kate. Your whole family sounds amazing and very inspirational.


Lisa said...


Kate was always an inspiration to me as I was growing up, and I am so happy that she is now going to be able to give advice to my readers from a different perspective.


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