Wednesday, November 19, 2008

It's all about me!

The weather here in Brisbane is giving me a hard time. It is ranging from hot and sticky, to wet and sticky, to cool and pleasant all in the past few days. I am already a little weary from the 4.30am starts to take Charlotte to the rowing sheds, plus my usual activities, and the weather has just topped it off for me.

So this weekend is rest and recovery! I have no social plans and anything I agree to do will involve exercise to raise my energy levels. This is likely to be an RPM class one day and a walk the next day with my girlfriends. I am going to be quite selfish this weekend and focus on my stuff only. I will start the weekend off by buying all my favourite organic food to stock the fridge. Then I plan to go to the gym, put my ipod on high volume and train my butt off. I will have a sauna and massage, and then stay inside with the air con on lying around reading and listening to music for the rest of the time. Heaven!!!

When next week rolls around I will be rested, relaxed, de stressed and I will have heaps of energy for all the other people in my life, but for now...."it's all about me"



Wendy said...

sounds like you need some Melbourne weather!!!! cold and rainy

Enjoy your "me time"


Skye said...

Enjoy your weekend that sounds like BLISS....I love your blogs by the way,

Lisa said...

Wendy...yes I NEED some Melbourne weather.

Skye, I am looking forward to my weekend more than you can imagine. I am pleased you like my blog!

Kristy said...

Sounds like a fantastic weekend Lisa, enjoy... We all need me time!

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