Saturday, November 01, 2008

Sleep again....

I am going back to the subject of sleep again, because of a number of queries I have had about the "wee stop" issue. Let me state again, you should not need to wake in the middle of the night to go to the toilet. I drink just as much water as you and trust me, you can get your 8 hours without wetting the bed. When you wake consistently each night at the same time for your wee stop, it is not your body's need to urinate at all; it is in fact your body signalling an issue with the rejuvenation of your organs. Chinese medicine says that waking between 1-3am indicates issues with your liver meridian, 3-5am is the lung meridian etc. So if you wake every night between 1 -3am it is likely a liver meridian issue (stress and anger), than the real need to wee. I had this issue for years and never thought it was an issue and put it down to being "normal". However this type of "normal" will slow weight loss, and keep you stressed and anxious. Now before you say you aren't stressed let me tell you that stress is a strange thing, because we can convince ourselves, and others, that we are fine but ultimately your body does not lie. If you are waking consistently at this time you are stressed, anxious or fatigued.

It is important to have a good sleeping environment and do all the things I mentioned in an earlier post, however you also need to include some protocols to help your adrenal glands repair. I would suggest daily supplementation with a herbal adaptagen such as holy basil or rhodiola and adding the amino acid L-Tyrosone breakfast and lunch particularly if you train more than a few times a week. Regular sauna's and massage to assist with recovery will go a long way as well. None of these things will be harmful and what have you got to lose?


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Michelle said...

Thanks Lisa for these posts I've been trying to work on my sleep and have even made a few wee-free nights. For me I'm a 3-5am waker, my chiro said the same thing about the chinese meridians so I'll be following him up more about them.
I've been waking a lot more rested already.

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