Monday, December 01, 2008

What I was eating yesterday.
I really don't have an average day of food as it depends on how often I train, what training I do, how I feel, how my energy is, what is in the fridge, what is on special at the organic store and if I eat out. So this was yesterday (from memory).
M1 - oats, pea protein, blueberries, honey
M2 - Shake and grapes
Train - killer session (greens, BCAA's & glutamine)
M3 - shake with aminos and honey
M4 - gluten free toast, egg whites, fruit chutney
M5 - organic full cream yoghurt, blueberries, pea protien
M6 - chicken mince with vegetables
M7 - beef and green beans, nut butter
M8 - nut butter


Raechelle said...

Hey Girl! You may have mentioned this before-but I don't's pea protien?
Oh-and also-you mentioned in a recent blog about particular non-toxic cleaners you usually use-any particular brands? I'm looking for something other than vinegar :)
Cheers mate!

Lisa said...

Pea Protein is made by Vital greens, and is a non dairy, gluten free etc protein. The amino profile and availability is awesome.
I use Ecologic, Eco store and Melrose products.

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