Saturday, January 24, 2009

Time out

I find that I have been guilty of dividing my time over too many projects in the past years, and I end up loosing focus on the things that are really important and underpin my values.

I have come to the conclusion that after years of running around with my hair on fire that I need to rest and recover; both my mind and my body. I am taking some time out to repair me, however I will be back soon stronger than ever.

Stay strong,



Anonymous said...

missing you :(

Hey Lisa - i'll be your way on 19th to 22nd Feb - if you are around, let's catch up - coffee date or lunch or both or gym or all will make me happy - as long as i get to see you and chat with you my friend. Hope you are recovering well.......I cannot wait to go though the rest/recovery phase - hee hee and i've only just started! haha

Jadey said...

Hey Lisa,

Hope life is treating you well... Be nice to have you back blogging when you do! Good luck with everything you want to achieve this year hon.

Jadey x

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