Thursday, June 04, 2009

Happy Friday

For time:-

  • 100 reps x 15kg SDHP, (Sumo Deadlift High pull)
  • 50 reps x 15kg Thruster, (squat o/h press combo)
  • 30 reps x Burpee

Is this someones idea of a joke?

Well it was 12 1/2 mins of pure hell.....I was hoping that my strength may help me through but after about 40 SDHP reps I realised this was all about fitness and very little about strength, except for the mental aspects. I was travelling OK and keeping pace with the "Crossfit Chicks"until the burpees - then they caned me. It took me at 60 seconds longer to do the 30 reps, and it has reconfirmed some weaknesses. 1) I need to get fitter - this is just time now, 2)I need to drop some body weight so I have less mass to move around - as this is my rest year I think I will just let this happen organically as i get fitter and accept that it will slow me up a bit and, 3) I need to work on and stick to good technique; I am better to break the reps into smaller groups of good technique and rest for a few seconds in between, than use a non efficient effort and keep rolling through the reps. Challenges!!!!!

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