Monday, August 03, 2009

Annual CrossFit Brisbane HARD'NUP Challenge

CrossFit Brisbane will be holding our annual "HARD'NUP Challenge & BBQ" on Saturday, 8th August 2009. This event is a celebration of the growth of CrossFit in Brisbane and will mark our 1 year anniversary of being in our own building at 39 Clarence St, Coorparoo. Last years event, held as our official opening of the new premises, was huge and we expect this year to be bigger, better and whole lot of fun.

The event will be OPEN TO EVERYONE, and we will be catering for all fitness and ability levels. We are encouraging ALL members of CrossFit Brisbane to be involved, and hope that we will see representation from as many affiliates as possible. Bring a team, it is going to be a fantastic day of competition and camaraderie.


Kerry W said...

Hey Lisa. Is it possible just to come out and have a look?? What time does it start and end? Is there a fee to come and watch? If you could let me know, that would be great. I might be able to make it for a couple of hours.

Thanks. Kerry. :-)

Anonymous said...

I'll be there! Yes kerry - spectators are welcome!! i've found out already!! Spoke with Matt and got an email from Danny today - one word - HILARIOUS! Told them i knew you - they asked "are you as mad as Lisa - if so - boy we gonna have fun" hahahahahahahahahahaaha

Lisa said...

Yes Kerry Fern is correct...come and watch. You know I have only been doing crossfit for 3 months, so I am going to get a pasting as well. It is just about having a hoot for me.

Fern, that is a crack up. You can see you will fit in well.

Kerry W said...

Ha..ha..just got a return email from Danny, as it took a week. I told him sorry if I freaked him out with all the info, and that I was actually normal (not). He said I didn't freak him out and that anyone who trains at crossfit is not normal and 'normal' people don't like doing what we (Crossfit)do. I think I'm gonna enjoy training at Crossfit!

Thanks guys for the info. I probably won't get there until about lunchtime on Saturday. Look forward to meeting you guys and watching Lisa get a pasting...he...he... :P

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