Friday, October 09, 2009

I have signed up to compete at the Crossfit Newcastle games on November 7th. There are a few of us going from Crossfit Brisbane so it should be a blast. I have a shoulder injury that is preventing me from doing much upper body work, but hopefully it will be healed in 4 weeks.
I have done a few WOD's lately with Fern, and she is getting as much out of training there as I am. It seems to be the place to go and rediscover your love of training; gut wrenching, no hiding, all out training.


Anonymous said...

OH RAD!!! You cruising to Newcastle games!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am embracing this style of training Lisa! It's so different. Learning heaps about what i CAN do instead of CAN'T - huge mind shift!


Lisa said...

You should a blast.

Kerry W said...

You're one gutsy woman Lisa! Hope all goes well for CF Newcastle games in November. Hope to see you in the next couple of weeks back at CF, before you head down.

Ciao...Kerry :)

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