Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Clean running

Ok so I am not talking about my running style, but i fact my the last 2 WODs at CFB. I am not the world's happiest runner, however I need to work on all body weight exercises and running is high on the list. I have been adding one run week and have been tracking my rate, and yesterday I brought my 5km average down from 7min/kms to 6:30 min/ kms from about one month ago. I did have a "triathlon period", so I do know I can get that down to about 5min/kms with some effort.
On the total opposite end of the spectrum today was a strength day and I was cleaning it up at CFB. I have done a lot of hang power cleans (from a hang position to the shoulders in a half squat), but not a lot off the floor into a full front squat. I love this type of training and was happy to do a 52.5kg PB with reasonable technique and more in the tank. I am definitely a strength/power girl.


Kerry W said...

I don't think you'll find any arguments there! :P :)

Anonymous said...

Nice work on the hangs! 52.5kg is no triffle weight!

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