Friday, January 15, 2010

The work outs for the Crossfit Rocks Hard'n up Challenge have been posted


3 rounds for time;
15 x Deadlift, 8kggs (60kgs)
15 x Box jump, 20"
15 x Kettle Bell Swing, 24kgs (16kgs)


21-15-9 reps for time;
Hang Power Clean, 60kgs (40kgs)

So let me do a pre comp review of how I think I will perform...

As I am just recovering from the calf in jury my metabolic conditioning has been impacted quite heavily so I just won't have as much juice in the tank and even the exercises that I would normally cane will be performed slower. I am also not sure how the calf will hold up to box jumping as I haven't tried it out yet. Under normal conditions the first WOD is right up my alley, but the lack of fitness will really tell but I still think I should be able to push through with a decent time.

The second WOD will be a different story, the Clean is a heavy weight for the number of reps, and while I am able to perform it I don't have the long background in Olympic lifting that I do in powerlifting. Being out of condition and not training the heavy lifts and serious met con over the past 8 weeks will really tell and the burpees will cost me massively. My aim is to suck it up and get through at Rxd.

This is only my second Crossfit comp and I am more interested in having fun with my friends and getting some idea of how much work I have to do in the next 7 weeks before sectionals.

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Kerry W said...

Hey Lisa

For what it's worth, I think you've got alot of guts to tackle 'any' Crossfit challenge, let alone your second one, especially coming off an injury.

I think you've got a great attitude - doing it for fun and using it as a pre-prep for the upcoming sectionals!

All the best for today (you will have started by the time you read this) and I look forward to hearing how you went.

Kerry :)

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