Saturday, March 06, 2010

I have made it to the Crossfit Games 2010 QLD Sectionals. I have been very uncommitted due to other priorities in my life, but in the end I turned up. Being present is the most I can expect of myself right now and here I am.

Today is day 2 with a killer WOD scheduled. None of the work outs have really played to my strengths, but then again they haven't really exposed too much either. I am not a huge fan of over head work, and each WOD has had a component and today is even worse. The snatch is my least favourite olympic lift, but I am not here we go


Kerry W said...

I just love your 'go get em'...'what the hell!' attitude Lisa.

Wishing you all the best for today, and hoping you get in the top 20...wouldn't that be a blast?!

Kerry XOX

Dom McKenna said...

Great work Lisa the site is rocking!!

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