Monday, September 18, 2006

I am having one of those days that is very busy, I am achieving a lot - but i am so tired that I can't wait to get home and lie on the couch in my tracky daks.

I did half a spin class this morning and my knee was perfect. I am really seeing improvement and expect to be able to squat heavy without issue next program. I have just had notification that a large deal that I was sweating on will be in tomorrow, which means that I will be 100% of my quota for this quarter - wow what a relief. I can now relax a little and look forward to my holiday in Vietnam.

I have never been to Vietnam and the whole family (4 of us) are going. We have about 10 days there, and it will be so good to get away from work and training. I am really looking forward to the food

We start in the north in Hanoi, and then fly down to Ho Chi min city. We are doing 2 organised tours and a some free days by ourselves. I am so excited!!!!!!!

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