Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Bench Press
Here are the rules for performing a legal bench press in power lifting. It is a very technical lift, and it is so easy to get disqualified trying to remember correct technique. I am off to bench press training this morning, and I have to attemp a legal lift on every rep - yeah, like that is going to happen!

1) The lifter approaches the bench with the top of the bench facing the audience and the judges.

2) The lifter must lie backwards with the head, shoulders and buttocks in contact with the bench. The lifter receives the bar at arm's length from the spotters.

3) On receiving a command from the head judge to "Start", the bar is brought down onto the chest, paused and then it is pressed back to the starting position.

4) The head judge then gives the command " rack" with a movement of the hand backwards. The bar is then returned to the bench racks.

5) The lifter is then judged on the lift.

Causes for disqualification in the Bench Press

1) Failure to observe the referee's signals.

2) Any change in the elected position of the shoulders, head, raising of buttocks, lateral movement of hands, or excessive movement of the feet during the lift itself.

3) Inadequate pause of the bar on the chest as well as heaving or bouncing the bar off the chest.

4) Allowing the bar to sink into the chest on the upward press.

5) Uneven extension of the arms during the lift.

6) Any downward motion of the bar on the upward press.

7) Contact with the bar by the spotters during the lift.

8) Any contact with the lifters shoes on the bench during the lift.

9) Deliberate contact with the uprests of the bench and the bar in order to assist the lift.

10) Failure of the centre spotter to give the central referee a clear view.


Splice said...

That's incredible! How can you perform a perfect lift like that everytime? There must be many failures.
I guess the more you do it the better you get, like with anything.
Work on tecnique and then add the weights. It must take time.
I hope its all going well for you :-)
Deb xxx

Lisa said...

It is tought to get it right every attempt - but I guess that is what training is for. But, yes there are a lot of disallowed lifts in comps.

It is a real shock coming from gerneral bench weight training, and then have to do all that other stuff just to get a legal lift. Pausing the bar on your chest takes away so much momentum and strength too.

I am loving the challenge though.


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