Friday, September 15, 2006

I was at the gym this morning and talking to a couple of the people getting ready for this years bodybuilding competitions. One of them showed me her new bikini (from Jo Rogers of course), and was talking about that stubborn lower body fat. I always thought than when this moment came - when everyone else was lean and tanning that I would struggle and "feel fat", and wish I hadn't changed my mind about competing. However, it was not like I had though it would be at all. I felt pleased and happy for them, but there was no desire to be doing it to. While I never really achieved what I would have liked in bodybuilding I feel at peace with my achievements.

So here is my farwell to something that was a HUGE part of my life and has taught me invaluable lessons.

Time to move forward.................


Lia Halsall said...

Everything happens for a reason Lisa. Did you ever condsider that maybe figure competing was merely a step that you had to take that would lead you over to powerlifting?

Lia xo

Lisa said...

Hey Lia,

You are right (thanks)- as much as I know anyway. Figure gave me a good muscular structure, discipline, and a nutritional awareness (plus the ability to diet hard if I need to make weight). Plus - to succeed you need to be patient, consitent, and to learn from every disappointment.


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