Thursday, September 14, 2006

Thanks to Lia for welcoming me into this community. I am looking forward to seeing your second season of competition - and will be waiting by to see the pics!!!

Powerlifting is a long way from the glamour of figure, and to be honest I am missing the sparkly bikinis, heels and tan just a little . I spend my time in bonds t-shirts, shin guards, belts, wraps - and very sexy squatting shoes!!

However I am very into power lifitng and wouldn't swap my adidas squat shoes for platform heels for anything these days.

I did a PB in power cleans today - 4 reps @40kgs. This was a psychological barrier for me, so am pleased to see that fall.

Dinner time! Meal 6 of 8.


Splice said...

40kg power cleans!! Well done.

I think power lifting and weight lifting are so very different. I wouldn't mind giving it a shot some time.
It's that satifaction of lifting something that you don't think is possible that makes you want yo do it more and more.

Keep at it, your doing really well.


Lia Halsall said...

That's some serious weight, well done! It sounds to me like you thrive on a good challenge Lisa. I have no doubt that you'll go far in this sport. :o) xo

Lisa said...

Thanks ladies.
40kgs would be half the training weight for a weightlifter - I have real admiration for those girls. I guess it shows everything is relative.

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