Monday, September 25, 2006

That is the only way I can explain power lifting. Actually I could probably add scary. I deadlifted yesterday (3 reps) and was hoping to do 110kgs. I ended up doing 105kgs and it was so heavy. It was just so heavy. My form was off slightly and it wasn't a good session. It is such a phsycological effort as well. I did some extra walking on the weeknd, and I may not have been rested enough either. I need to be so careful with rest and recovery when I am lifting heavy.
However on a positive note, I learnt (learning) how to snatch. I was terrible at it, but it was heaps of fun and a good strength/power training exercise.
We go to Vietnam in 4 days - yeah!!!!!!!!!!!


Kaddy said...

WOW - iam just amazed that ur lifting 105kgs!! that's wicked! im sure u'll make it next time :) whats going on in vietnam? how xciting!

Splice said...

I would love to visit Vietnam one day. You will have a great time there for sure.
Good lifting today also, well done.

I am entering the INBA, so I won't see you at the ANB.

Have a great time away.

Lisa said...

We are all very excited about Vietnam - and I can forget about big weights.


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