Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The first day back at work is always a tough one. Not that I don't like my job, just that I feel like I am drowing under the amount of work I need to catch up on. I am off to Sydney next Mon/Tue, so I will get further behind unless I catch up quickly. Fortunately I have a great team so everything has been well managed while I have been away. This quarter is looing very good so far, so I could earn a few extra dollars for Xmas; and you have to love that.

I have been back training this week, and I found out that my next competition has been brought forward one week. Which is not an issue other than it gives me one less week to make weight. 61/2 weeks and 6 1/2 kilos - well 2 kgs will be sauned off and then rehydrated so it is only 4 kgs really. Sounds like a good challenge - as long as i don't go putting on any more muscle.


Kaddy said...

hmmm all those numbers confucesd me :)

how many weeks do you have to lose what??? lol

xxx have a good weekend@!

Lisa said...

Hey Kaddy,

yes it is all too much. Basically I need to loose 4kgs in 6 weeks - then hit the sauna. I will be a little "underweight" so I am hoping my strength remains.

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