Saturday, October 28, 2006

I had a very successful trip to Darwin - and although it was a little stressful in the first day, I was able to relax and quite enjoyed it. I still have a lot of work to do up there in the future, but it looks very promising, and very interesting .

However, I am very defocussed from my training. I did train while I was away (great gym in Darwin), but my coach has been on leave for just over a week. So I am 4 weeks away from competition and not really sure how I am travelling. My weight has not dropped - well not suprisingly with the travel - so I will compete @ 56kgs again. This takes pressure off, however I need to travel 2 -3 times again before 25th November so I am not sure how prepared I am going to be. hmmmmmmmmmm

This is the challenge of balancing life. I am very tempted to say that work is top priority right now, focus on that and don't compete. However I will be very disappointed afterwards if I don't at least attempt this comp - as I love seeing progress and I have worked very hard lifting since August. I guess I feel that is the easy option, and success is never yours if you take the easy option.

So I can torture myself over making a decision on which way to go ....................or I can just keep on the same path and don't make any decision.

I was at Bikram Yoga yesterday and picked up the newsletter and this is a quote from Bikram...
"Bikram has said all life is a competition......Without competition there is no ambition, and without ambition there is no life.....The competition is really within yourself....."

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