Monday, October 23, 2006

This is Darwin, where I am travelling to this week for work. I am hoping this will be my view form the hotel room. I like Darwin - so I am looking forward to it. There is also a great power lifting gym there - so I will all the equipment I need to keep training properly.

I bought some new equipment on the weekend.

A Belt and a bench shirt. I am very excited as I have never had a bench shirt before, and it should add 5-10 kilos to my PB. I justhave to work out how ot get it on first!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

It would be my pleasure to help you get into this one for the first time! Hee hee - you'll need an upper body stocking! - Kel

Anonymous said...

I'd rather help you take it off !!!

Lisa said...

No stocking Kel - so I am not sure how it will work! Looks really uncomfortable too.

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