Sunday, November 19, 2006

100kg Squat today - PB!!
Today was my last squat session before Saturday's comp. I did 2 sets of 2 reps. I @97.5kgs and 1 @ 100kgs. I was a little short on a couple, however the good news is that there was plenty of power. However the hardest thing with the squat is getting the technique correct. You need to get as much benefit out of the wraps and suits as well as get the bar out of the rack, set up and then power through.
Thankfully I have a cam corder and we are able to play back and coach comments. I can watch it over and over to correct form.
I am still very nervous, but I feel very pleased with my progress and I know that over the next 12 months the squat is just going to get better and better.
Weight is good.


Splice said...

Well done on your pb Lisa!!

With the squat, do you go all the way to the floor?

Lisa said...

Hi Deb,

The squat is below parallel. So that is the quads going below the knee - not quite to the floor but close.

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