Tuesday, December 26, 2006

I am back from the Hyatt - very relaxed and revived. I have already done a squat training session today, and will go to spin this afternoon. I am focussed and looking forward to directing my energy into training for the next month. There has been so much focus on work recently and I need a break from that.
I had some yummy treats to eat and drink over Xmas, but all very modest and my weight is stable - yeah! It is so tough to have to go back and loose weight after being so mindful of diet for months on end.
My goal for this year is to compete in the 52kg division and to exceed a total of 320kgs so I can lift in the world titles. I am going to approach this in chuncks and the first milestone is to be 55kgs by the end of Jan, and to build solid strength in the bottom of the squat to allow a 120kg squat by States in Apr.

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