Saturday, December 23, 2006

This is Kangaroo Point in Brisbane. Actually it is the cliffs the be exact. There are 2 sets of stairs that wind up this cliff face, and when I talk about running stairs these are the stairs I refer to. So you can all understand the pain I am feeling in my legs right now, just 24hours after being chased up these for 50 minutes by a very fit trainer. He didn't even have the decency to wait down the bottom so I could slow up a bit when I got to the top and out of his site.!!!

For all sorts of reasons my stair training has been sporadic, however I am dedicating the next 6 weeks to conquering these......and I have a punishing trainer who will make sure I do!


CHESTER said...

Hello merry x mas,i really like your blog,but what about calorie intake? {chester}

Lisa said...

Hi Chester,

Thanks :-)

What is your question about calorie intake?


Andj said...

Hi Lisa,
I love doing those stairs as well. I usually go in the mornings before work and do 30 - 40 mins up and down, up and down. Will be getting back into it in the new year I hope.

Lisa said...

Andj, I don't know tht I would say that I love them - but I do love the results you get from them :-)

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