Wednesday, January 17, 2007

It was the last day of powerlifting training today for a few weeks and it was a ripper! I am going to Melbourne for a week, and then when I get back I have a small operation so I won't be PL training until late Feb when I start my sequence running up tp the State titles in April.

Today was deadlift, and after the disappointment of not adapting to Sumo's Nic changed me back to conventionals. I did 115kgs for 3 reps today with no suit. It was tough but strong and a 140kg lift at the States' is real possibility. I was pumped and what a great way to go on holidays. I finished off the session with a routine called "the bear" ( clean, push press, squat, push press) and then light squats. I finised on 6 reps @ 55kgs all held at the bottom. My squat technique has improved dramtically over the past 6 weeks of intense work. As they say; you put the work in you reap the rewards.

My body is going to love the rest over the next few weeks. I will continue to do yoga, cardio and isometric weights. This tme will also give my shoulder time to recoup and I will do rehab exercises everyday. I will be rested and keen, very keen, for when the States come around.

I just have to get through one more stair running session tomorow before I go to Melbourne and play with family and friends and go shopping - oh yes and meet Lia.

Did I mention I love holidays?????

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