Monday, January 29, 2007

My family is super hero mad! Comics, books, DVDs, PS2 games, t-shirts. I can't believe the number of superheros living in my house!

I am a lot more relaxed today, as Sunday and Monday I was able resolve a number of the issus on my work project. There are still a few outstanding issues, but nothing that should encroach on the rest of my holiday.

I am training with Nic thismorning for the first time in about 10 days, and I am not sure I can remember how to lift properly. I am really into this holiday mode! Then I have my 51/2 hour spa session - yeah!!!!



Splice said...

Good luck with your lifting, im sure you will remember everything :-)
Enjoy your spa!

Lia Halsall said...
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Lia Halsall said...

So how was your spa experience, you know I love that kind of stuff!

And I wish you the speediest of recovery from your surgery today. You're a strong woman and I have no doubt that you'll breeze through it. ;o)

Lia xo

Lisa said...

The sap session wsa great - had a good noghts sleep after as well.

Feeling a little sore this morning, but not too bad.


Lia Halsall said...

That's to be expected, especially now all the good drugs from yesterday wear off. :o( xx

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