Saturday, January 27, 2007

This is on the way home from the airport. The kids were very impressed that the car company sent a stretch limo, rather than the usual sedan.

Melbourne was fun. I did Bikram yoga 3 times, went to the sauna twice, 5 walks and only went to the gym once. To be honest I wouldn't have been concerned if I didn't go to the gym at all. We caught up with family and friends, did some shopping and ate lots of Japanese food. I am not sure why that happened - but I love Japanese food. I was an exchange student their when i was 16 for 12 months, and studied Japanese at Uni - shame I don't do anything with that knowledge now. Oh well - that is life.

Back to the gym tomorrow, and thenTuesday is my last session for a couple of weeks as I am having a minor operation on Wed.

I am feeling a little stressed as work encroached on my holiday. It seems that the boys don't want to play nicely while I am away, and my boss has left - and I am sad about that . I will sort out what I can today and tomorrow morning - then the phone is off, and no e-mail until I go back to work on Monday week. I need to rest and recouperate after my op.

On Tuesday I am going to the spa for 51/2 hours. I was given a very gennerous gift voucher for Xmas for a full day's pampering at the Dome retreat in Brisbane. I have a salt scrub, vishy shower, massage, pedi, mani - and a few other things too. I will be in heaven!!!!!

Oh well rightnow I need to go and deal with some work issues - BREATHE



Lia Halsall said...

Good luck this week and be sure to let me know how you go. You'll bounce back in no time I'm sure. :o)

Lisa said...

Thanks lia. Getting nervous now..can't wait

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