Saturday, February 24, 2007

This was me yesterday. I find by the time I get to Saturday I have nothing left. I went to yoga at 10am, and then drove all over the city dropping off and picking up my family. I then feel asleep at about 7.30pm with a headache and sore joints and muscles.

I have my last "free meal" on Friday night - 8 weeks out from the States. We went to the Bali Grill which specialises in healthy food, so I ate well - just more than what I would normally do.

I was about to go out for walk this morning - but it is raining, so I will just walk over to the cafe and get a long black and a newspaper. Might do something later - or not.



Andj said...

Hi Lisa,
I was at chermside yesterday and in Jay jay's they have t-shirts with wonder woman on the front and I thought of you. I've never been to Bali grill but it is on my list!

Splice said...

Hey Lisa!
That is exactly how I feel today! I have had an energy drain thing happen.
I know it will pass, im hoping soon.
Hope you've caught up on some rest.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa

Goodluck with your training for the State Titles
I have just spent the last half hour going through your site and I must say its very interesting.
I have;nt read much on Woman Power Trainers/Lifters before its a grat inspiration to others I'm sure.

Kind Regards


Lisa said...

Andj - I have a couple of wonder woman t-shirts - I love them. You ought to go to the Bali Grill. It is great.

Deb - how are you?

Mike - Thanks - female power lifters aren't common, but it is great physique training.

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