Thursday, March 01, 2007

Oh my...........I have just realised that the State Titles are 7 weeks tomorrow, and I am not focussed at all. I have been busy with work, and thinking about my weight class that I haven't really put any thought into my lifting. I know that is why I have a coach - so that i don't really need to think, but I do need to be centred. My weight has jumped up a little since I have been lifting heavier again -all expected and hopefully it has stabilised. Josh will give me a new nutrition plan this weekend, so I will follow it 100%. That way I can focus on getting into the mind zone, and think about strength and power. I am going to do 2 extra yoga classes instead of extra cardio - this is just an experiement , but I think that the added flexibility will assist my lifting while giving me some fat burning that won't put too much load on my body.

I have recovered from my operation and feel about 80%. I did some light bench work (about 25kgs) this week and there was no pain - except for the post work out DOMS, which I am still feeling now - ouch. 4 weeks without benching and I can really feel it.

If I push the work stress to one side, I have to say that I feel pretty well rested, reasonably strong and flexible. I hope my post next Friday has me more focussed again and ready to fire at 6 weeks out.

Deadlifting session today. Nic has me training in the 6 rep range for all lifts at 85% effort each lift. I am lifting 50-60% max strength. I will now what I am aiming for in a few weeks time, but I am initially thinking;

Squat 115/120kgs, Bench 60/65kgs, Dead 135/140kgs

Weight class - would love it to be 52kgs, but I may be too big to get that low now, so I may be staying with 56kgs. These lifts will still qualify me for the Commonwealth Championships at the end of the year in New Zealand.

Off to the gym to lift now......



Anonymous said...

Seven weeks, that's coming around quickly. You'll be ready in time Lisa. ;o) xx

Lisa said...

I guess I will...I do feel better after lifting today.

Anonymous said...

If you think back this is your normal pre-competition reaction, you did exactly the same thing when you were competing in figure. So this is normal, just let it go and accept that this is how you respond x weeks out from a competition and go for it! ;o) xx

Anonymous said...

Championships in New Zealand...
where when? we expect a visit and maybe we can ever cheers you on if the event is close by?


Splice said...

You are going to be lifting some serious weights there Lisa. But I believe that you definately have it in you to do it.
Good luck and i will be watching your progress as you post it :-)

Lisa said...


The comp is Dec 6-9 in Christchurch.

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