Thursday, February 15, 2007

Well I don't really feel like I have super strength right now, but I figure if I tell myself I do than I am sure to believe it! Busy week from all aspects of my life. Work is just consistantly out of control - hmm.

Training is coming along nicely and I did some upper body stuff this week, as well as my first spin class in a while. I am still sore of course, but I am hoping to be back in full training in 2 weeks or so. It is 9 weeks tomorrow to States, so I do need to start getting into "the zone".

I had a very relaxing and enjoyable Valentine's dinner with my husband, and decided before hand that would be my last treat meal until States. I need to focus on making my weight category, as it it won't really matter how well I lift if I don't make weight!

Off to get coffee and then training.


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