Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I am sure we have all been here before. DOMS after the return to training! Just 2 weeks with no real training and a few sets of light squats, lunges and sumo deadlift and I can barely walk.

I go back tomorrow for some more too!

Last saturday I watched a powerlifting competition at Qld Uni. It was great to be watching and not lifting. Although I am really looking forward to the States in April I realise it is such a taxing sport both physically and mentally that a few comps a year is more than enough. My coach was lifting and he is not in top form yet, however he squatted 215kg, and did a 230kg dead. Not bad for a 72kg guy!

My weight has dropped a little (including my recent enhancement), so I am only 4.5kgs from my weight category goal for states in 9/1 weeks time.


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