Saturday, February 17, 2007

Well I think it is time to serve up the truth to myself (thanks Andj) on my quest to qualify for world titles. I need to drop a weight class and to lift a total of 320 kgs. My lifts are improving, and I have States and Nationals to lift the qualifying totals. I can make time in my work schedule to train so I am confident that I will have the best attempts possible.
Dropping the 5kgs is another matter. When I was bodybuilding I would drop 10kgs over the prep time, however since powerlifting that has changed. I have gained significant muscle, so I am heavier making my goal more difficult. I am unable to do extensive cardio to drop weight as I need to lift well, and I need to eat well to perform as well. I also sit at a very tidy 58kgs and am very happy with my physical appearance - so maybe the desire is not there anymore.
I eat clean all the time, so I just need to reduce calories - but which ones do I choose? I refuse to go back to those feelings of hunger, self doubt and body image self loathing when I was doing figure (not that it was always bad). I am an athlete and I need to eat to perform and appearance is irelevant - ironically I am in the best shape of my life!

However I need to sacrifice to reach my goal - is contentment slowing me down? I'd love some help.


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