Monday, April 16, 2007

Full recovery time now. I benched 60kgs for 2 reps and 62.5kgs for 1. That is a PB, but it was a struggle and I fatigued on my last set and couldn't get it up. I need to rest, as I am feeling a little weak.


Splice said...

Great job Lisa! 62.5kgs, you should sleep for a day after that lol.
Your getting stronger, that's must be a great feeling.

Magda said...

Hi Lisa,

all the best for the comp. I know you'll do really well. And 62.5kgs on bench press ...hoowee. For someone like me who's only been doing "heavy" weights regularly since December, thats awesome. (I'm doing 30kgs and really feeling it :-) How funny is that :-0


Lisa said...

Thanks girls. I guess when I look at the number it does look big. 5t felt it too!

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