Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Bench day today. I am still a week or 2 away from the program into Nationals, so I did 10 reps today - I can't remember the last time I did bench sets @ 10 reps. I wasn't paying attention to the weight, but I am pretty sure I did 35kgs, 37.5kgs and 40kgs. All quite easy. I am really pleased with the way my bench is coming along now that my shoulder is recovering. I did narrow grip bench press @40kgs as well and dips.

After training I had a treatment on my upper back (to relieve stress) and shoulders to continue the recovery. I had both shoulders done just to ensure that I don't develop issues going into Nationals. 10 1/2 weeks is still a long way off, but the bench is looking good to further increase my PB.

I had a lot more energy today, and the hunger has subsided. I am going to spin class tomorrow; which will make 2 this week, and maybe a yoga class on Sunday. I am getting back into routine and am feeling more settled and level.


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