Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I am pretty sore as expected after 3 days back in training, and after the thrashing Nic gave my triceps this morning I imagine it will be challenging to move my arms tomorrow. In fact I am sure I counted 5 different tricep exercises from this morning's session. Nic assures me that this torture will build stronger triceps to develop a strong lock out in my bench press. I am feeling a little more stable through the shoulders and I will focus on building both strength and stability over the next 12 1/2 weeks. I was considering doing a spin class in the morning, but I think I should ease into it and do a light recovery walk instead. I will pick up yoga next week I think too.

My weight is stable and has only increased by 1kg since the day before the State titles. Post comp blow out is a concern, but the last 2 comps have really been pretty flat. I think that the increase in lean muscle has allowed me to eat a little more without any body fat increase. I am allowing myself to have a few extra treats this week as Sat is the 12 week mark to Nationals and a good time to refocus as it such an important goal for me. It also gives my body time to get back into training with some extra food.

Work is flat out and to be honest quite stressful. I would really like to get some good news about additional resource to give me a break - fingers crossed.

So...........I guess all is good and pretty much as expected.


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