Saturday, May 12, 2007

Today I am changing my super hero from Wonderwoman to Mighty Mouse; small and fast!

This week has been speed work. Speed deadlift, speed bench and speed squats. It works like this - 1 sequence consists of 5 reps, 6-8 reps with 15 seconds rest - by 3 sets at about 50% 1RM. The rest between sets is about 3 mins. So in total between 90 to 120 reps in about 10 minutes. Yes, it is really hard work.

I know why Nic is training me this way, and the theory behind it, however I guess what is important is what I am getting out of it. After the first few reps, the technique becomes mechanical. The same movement, the same technique; there is no thought involved you just lift. I could feel this most in the squat, and in fact when I was off form on a rep I could feel it and was able to correct my form.

It is very taxing on the cardio vascular system, and it is challenging to get my breathing correct - which caused some headspins between sets. It has also increased my metabolism - I am always hungry and keep waking up in the middle of the night starving.

I found a new sauna yesterday. I love using the sauna for recovery, and I often go after work, however I have been looking for one I can use after training that has a cold plunge pool. Yesterday I went to the Korean Bath House at Apollo's Day spa. The facilities were good, the sauna was HOT, and they have a plunge pool (and hot tub). Best of all it was quite inexpensive - all in all a great find and I intend to become a regular.

Well as it is Mother's Day I am signing off and letting my family take me out for breakfast. I would love to say I am not training today, but Nationals are 11 weeks away and I have one more training session to complete - maybe I will go to the sauna after!



Splice said...

Are you kidding? 15 second rest!! You must have been burning.
This is very intensive stuff, but your the gal to handle it :-)

Lisa said...

I am really struggling. I am fatigued, sore and extremely hungry. I am waking up at night starving, and am only just recovering before my next session. I am doing everything I know for revovery - good nutrition, massage, sauna, recovery cardio - I can't wait for either my body to cope or the training ot change!

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