Saturday, May 05, 2007

The update for the week is that I am sore, tired and a little unwell.......

...but very optimistic for the next 12 weeks!

Nic hammered me over my 4 PL sessions this week. My triceps got particular attention in both bench sessions. I did explosive bench reps over 8 sets yesterday - I loved this. I really enjoy the explosive speed work. I also had a punishing leg session that involved a deadlift/squat superset followed by a circuit with the bike, cleans, and squat jumps - ouch. In fact very very sore last night. From memory there was another circuit on Monday that involved the bike, medicine balls and push ups - I think I have erased that one from my memory banks.

I always knew the first week back would be tough, and I would be sore. I was nauseous after Monday and Friday's training; so I was really working hard. I expect this week to be just as tough, but hopefully not as sore.

I recovered from Wed night's sugar fix, and other than some stress at work the only health issue I have this week is a head cold. I took a Sudafed before bed last night and slept like a baby, so I am hopeful that it will pass today.

Time for a quick recovery walk, then a strong coffee and oats.



Anonymous said...

The first week is always the worst but I know you and you'll bounce back in next to no time. After all, you are wonder woman! ;o)

Lisa said...

I have been sitting on the couch all day today in my skins, not feeling very "wonderful". However I can feel the recovery happening

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