Thursday, July 19, 2007

Australian National Powerlifting Titles are 8 days today. I am nervous, but I have had a great preparation. My body is fit and strong, and my lifts have had the progress I was hoping for after State titles. My health and energy have been great, although I may have picked up a minor tummy bug while I was in Sydney this week. My weight has been a little higher than last preparation, but the stress of the heavy weights keeps the scales high, and it is coming down gradually now.

The lifts I did this week total 297.5kgs for a best lift on each discipline which is above my current comp PB, and I still have last training to do on bench and squat. I am feeling reserved about possibilities at this stage, but I am very happy. My lifts this week are;
  • squat 100kgs for 3 reps
  • bench 67.5kgs for 3 reps
  • dead 130kg for 2 reps

My last deadlifting session was this morning, and I did 2 sets @ 130kgs which is my comp PB. The last set was very tough, but I fought through it and locked out both reps. I am pleased with the effort as it was physcologcal as well as physical.

I have just had my massage and accupuncture therapy for the week and feel a little drowsy, and very tired. I am going to reward myself with a glass of red and a healthy meal from my favourite Vietnamese restaurant for dinner. I am quite hungry and I need some good recovery food, and a glass of red for the soul.

The next week will be tough so I am going to take advantage of a few relaxing hours. I have turned my phone off and am about to have a little nap.


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