Thursday, July 05, 2007

I have certainly put on some size since my last comp, as I found out trying to squeeze into my deadlift suit today. My quads were so swollen and pupmed by the end of the session the suit was quite painful by the end. It was tough to even bend over the bar to lift!

However, I lifted well - the most important thing. It wasn't too tough and I should see at least another 5kgs added to my PB in 3 weeks.

1 set of 4 reps @110kgs
2 sets of 4 reps @ 115kgs

All of that lifting and effort has my poor legs very bruised, and I am sure I am carrying an extra 5 kgs of fluid in them as they attempt to recover. Tomorrow I will post video of one of the sets - it is pretty hilarious watching me trying to bend over the bar.

Oh, I broke the buckle on my powerbelt - Nic reckons it was a dodgy one as he did the same thing twice recently. Off to the Inzer site to get an authentic one.


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