Friday, July 27, 2007

It is 5.40am comp day. I slept a little better than I have all my previous comps, while it wasn't optimal there was some quality to it. I currently weigh 56.1kgs, and I have about 2 hours before I step on the scales. I expect to weigh 55.8kgs so that is good. We have a hotel room organised for the day, and I dropped some food and a change of clothes off last night. There are a few of us meeting there at 7am, so if anyone needs to they can sauna off some weight before weigh in. We also have a place to keep our gear, shower, nap etc. It will be a long day as the boys don't finish until mid to late afternoon.

My starting weights are as follows;

  • squat 100kgs

  • Bench 67.5kgs

  • Dead 127.5kgs

I am happy with this as they are all comfortable lifts that I am capable of doing 3-4 reps on. I find it good to nail the first lift, then you can go crazy with attempts.

Well, that is it until post comp. After I eat and rehydrate I know I will be going nuts!!


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I left a little something on my blog for you. ;o) xx

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