Thursday, August 23, 2007

Bench Comp tomorrow.....

Fortunately I have the day off work, as part of my stress recovery program, so I will stick to a pre comp prep as much as I can. I have already dropped my daughter at rowing, and after I pick her up again I will go to the gym and do a final light bench technique session. After that I will jump into the sauna. I am competing up a weight category in the under 60kgs, but the lighter I am the better overall bench ranking i will get, so being a few hundred grams lighter will be beneficial. The sauna and steam will be good recovery too.

I am nervous about competing, as I always am and I am very keen to get a 70kg+ lift on the board. It is 4 weeks exactly since Nationals, so it will be interesting to see how my bench strength has recovered after some time off and then straight back into heavy work. I guess it can't hurt the body to throw something different at it.

This will be my first comp without Nic. Rod is a great coach and trainer, but doesn't have the comp experience that Nic does, and I have always had him there thru my entire lifting history. I have competed in 5 comps now so I do know what to do and I guess I just need to take more responsibility for my own preparation. After I come back from the gym today I will spend some time making sure that I am in the right head space, and then do anything I need to do to be prepared. This will include checking and packing equipment and food.

Oh well...into the day.


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Anonymous said...

Good luck for tomorrow, I'll have everything crossed for you.


Lia xx

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